Remember how ebooks used to be cheaper than print books? This is what happens when you jack up the price of ebooks. You sell less of them. For some reason it’s not in the publisher’s interest to sell more ebooks. It’s a vast, contentious subject I care nothing about except as it affects the price of my ebooks. Which should be cheaper.

Doctor What?

Doctor Who series 8 “Kill The Moon” spoilers below…

A. That shirt. Thank goodness it was covered by space suits with ridiculous knee pockets for most of the show.

1. Courtney,  NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. No. No. No. No. No. Never show her again.tumblr_lrs4932dQt1qb455b

B. The science. Or more like, the absolute lack of science. The anti-science even. Miracles happen, but there were a lot of them in this show. A LOT. Miraculous numbers of miracles.

A growing creature cannot just add mass willy-nilly. The mass comes from the egg. A 30 second google led me to this: .  “Chick weight is primarily determined by initial egg weight, normally being 62–78% of egg weight…” Notice, chickens don’t suddenly weight six times as much as their egg right before they hatch. They weight less than the egg they came from.  So the moon should have been weighing less and less as the baby gobbled up amniotic fluid. Because matter has to come from somewhere. It’s not created ex nihilo (anymore).

Then, when any animal hatches it leaves its shell laying around in, generally, a couple large pieces. They do not instantaneously vaporize. Nor do newly-born creatures immediately lay another egg larger than their current body size.

Microbes don’t change size based on the size of their host. The microbes on a cat are the same size as the ones on you. Also, what were the microbes hoping to catch in their webs? Moon insects? Perhaps the word they were looking for was “parasites”. Let’s not go into how the disinfectant killed them.

I am willing to give the dragon the benefit of the doubt and assume the wings are ion sails or something of the sort that enable him to move through airless vacuum and not vestigal airfoils on a space-based creature.

So earth is already ravaged by a moon whose miraculous weight gain should be throwing the tides around, creating tectonic stress and therefore earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves.

There’s a significant chance that the “shell” will be captured by earth’s gravity well and bombard the planet with massive rocks, utterly devestating the planet, before all the orbit decay happens.

Without the moon at all, the earth will fall out of our nice orbit that enables regular seasons and the surface of the earth’s temperature not varying wildly somewhere between -100C and 400C. There would be no steady day and night, seasons would be screwed up, just about all life on earth would die. Some extremophiles might live for a while.

Without the moon we would be lucky for our orbit not to decay and  either plunge us toward the sun or spin us off into outer space.  ALL LIFE ON EARTH, not just the billions of humans, ALL LIFE ON EARTH will be destroyed.

I grant you in the Whoniverse, there’s a lot of other life out there, so maybe one little planet full of humans doesn’t matter so much. So yeah, lets just give the little feller a chance.

Know what the right choice, the choice not predicated on “and then magic will save us” is? Kill the moon.

C. I can understand Clara’s anger. She was scared and embarrassed and that made her angry. Totally get that. She’s going to be sorry later, though, when she’s no longer scared and embarassed. It’s a shame because I’m going to miss the Doctor’s oblivious insults.

I can tolerate anything except intolerance. Or the Dutch.

It’s really long for the internet, but still a good read on who the “other” really is in America.

So what makes an outgroup? Proximity plus small differences. If you want to know who someone in former Yugoslavia hates, don’t look at the Indonesians or the Zulus or the Tibetans or anyone else distant and exotic. Find the Yugoslavian ethnicity that lives closely intermingled with them and is most conspicuously similar to them, and chances are you’ll find the one who they have eight hundred years of seething hatred toward.

So young, so cynical

Have a Frank J quote.

Frankly, though we’re at the point where saying that Republicans are misogynistic, racist extremists who want nothing more than to drown puppies in front of crying children is not the same thing as saying they’re worse than Democrats.

Or, my favorite:

So all that’s really at stake in this election is maybe just slowing down the damage a bit until 2016, when some actual change is possible. The next president is still going to be either a Republican or a Democrat, so I wouldn’t get my hopes too high about anything significant happening

Well, this turned into a rant

I get why the government is involved in regulating drugs, but man it’s annoying that all these health care decisions have to be debated by the public. And it’s only going to get worse.

The bickering over the details about how such a plan might work and whose concern for women is more sincere obscures a pretty amazing fact: Everyone seems to agree that selling birth control over the counter is a good idea. That’s remarkable consensus within the minefield that is women’s health.

It is EXTREMELY irritating that women’s health is a political minefield while men’s health is not. The government should just not have very much say over my healthcare. Ensure full disclosure of drug effects and side-effects, and that doctors are competent. That’s plenty for the government to do. This would be too easy, though, and heaven forfend the congressmen, senators, and bureaucrats of our country not get to put their two cents in.

Bill Clinton talks business sense

Good thing he’s not running for anything, cause his base might hate this. Although, it can’t hurt the donations from Wall Street. And maybe because it’s a democrat saying it, they’ll accept it.

“We have the highest overall corporate tax rates in the world, and we are now the only O.E.C.D. country that also taxes overseas earnings,” Mr. Clinton said. “A lot of these executives, even if they wanted to bring the money home, they think this is crazy.”

It’s a paradox

I totally agree with the gist of this article, however there’s a problem.

What’s the alternative? Put humans back in charge. Law should generally be an open framework, mainly principles and goals, leaving room for responsible people to make decisions and be held accountable for results. Law based on principles leaves room for the decision-maker always to act on this question: What’s the right thing to do here?

You need responsible people making decisions. I don’t doubt that a lot of public service workers, maybe even most of them, are trying to do the right thing. But there’s enough that aren’t to make all that stupid granularity seemingly necessary. Kicking that ant hill over is going to create some chaos.