Flip all the switches!

An SR-71 cockpit. Front and rear. I would have to tap the gauges when they give me bad news so then they’ll give me good news.

You should find a copy of Sled Driver and read it. Maybe the library will have one.

This is amazing stuff

Super elite hacking that, probably, the NSA has been doing since before Windows XP was released. When Stuxnet is just a minor offshoot, you know that’s some elite hacking. Basically, your only hope is that the NSA doesn’t care about you.

“The discovery of the Equation Group is significant because this omnipotent cyber espionage entity managed to stay under the radar for almost 15 years, if not more,” Raiu said. “Their incredible skills and high tech abilities, such as infecting hard drive firmware on a dozen different brands, are unique across all the actors we have seen and second to none. As we discover more and more advanced threat actors, we understand just how little we know. It also makes us reflect about how many other things remain hidden or unknown.”

You can practice your l33t typing skills here.

So, Happy Lunar New Year

Srs bsns

A long look at what ISIS believes and how it is informing their attempt to takeover of the world.

Leaders of the Islamic State have taken emulation of Muhammad as strict duty, and have revived traditions that have been dormant for hundreds of years. “What’s striking about them is not just the literalism, but also the seriousness with which they read these texts,” Haykel said. “There is an assiduous, obsessive seriousness that Muslims don’t normally have.”

So, if history is any guide, as soon as the external threat reaches a low enough ebb, the massive in-fighting will begin and it will all fall apart.

Also, wow, Australia is more illiberal than I thought.

The greatest trailer…

…in the world.

My Year In Books

I didn’t do a lot of reading this year.


Undervaccinated community in Michigan has outbreak of whooping cough and measles among their children. Do these people think their parents and grandparents immediately latched onto vaccinations as soon as they were developed for fun? Or maybe it was because the risk of vaccinations was so much less than the actual misery caused by the diseases.