Useless trivia for today

Why bandaids smell like they do. Also, scotch, synthetic insulin and sharpies.


Salman Rushdie has some thoughts for the writers that are boycotting the PEN awards over the Charlie Hebdo thing.

It’s the future now

The orbiting satelllite took a picture of our robot surveyor ON ANOTHER PLANET!


Limey makes a good point

At this point Jeb doesn’t have a chance. Of course, it’s early yet.

That system, as Jefferson kept telling anyone who’d listen, depended on constantly changing the people at the top. If certain families got it into their heads that the republic was their plaything, America would descend into oligarchy as surely as if it had a hereditary nobility.

Are we really contemplating another Bush-Clinton contest in 2016? I mean, Jeb Bush strikes me as a decent sort and, as I’ve written here before, Republicans badly need Hispanic support. But in a nation of 320 million, the law of averages suggests that there must be some capable candidates with a surname other than Bush or Clinton.


Oh, I laughed and laughed


How completely unsurprising

The government was tracking phone calls through the 1990s, well before the Patriot Act. So much for it being for security.

The war on drugs. Terrorism. I can’t wait to see the next excuse. Quick, we need a crisis.


Great News!