Life finds a way

Sea plankton are trying to take over the Russian side of the International Space Station. NASA disavows any knowledge of the plankton’s actions.

Why the press covers Israel the way it does

A former AP editor explains why he thinks the news gets Israel wrong so much. And how it’s going to bite them on the butt soon.

Wait, what?

The average Britisher is poorer than all the states but Mississippi in purchasing power? One of us, one of us. I suspect the math will be ripped up in the coming days. Some mention of better schooling and health care is bound to happen. Let’s see what happens.

More writing, less statistics here.

Britain’s welfare state, and the tax that goes with it, is so costly that it feels like we ought to have solved the problem by now. Instead, we have created the most expensive poverty in the world – and managed to hide it in houses that look nicer than America’s ghettoes.

Alberta gives up on stupid math tricks

And back to the memorizing times tables. The eights are so tricky. With bonus (Matthew Broderick) Music Man analogy.

Charmingly naive

Missouri lawmakers want to stop the flow of military equipment to local cops.

He and Rep. Lacy Clay (D) said the military-grade weapons and equipment donated by the Pentagon to local agencies were never intended to be used against citizens engaged in civil disobedience.

Really, what did you think military equipment used to take and occupy military war-zones was going to be used for?

“My concerns about the program is that it’s not being used for its original intent, which was to arm police forces for a terrorism act or a well-armed drug cartel,” Clay said in an interview Thursday. “In the last week, I have witnessed my own constituents who are peaceful protesters having this military equipment used against them.

Terrorism and drug cartels hit and run. They don’t sit around waiting for the police to gear up and roll out. I suppose I could see a drug cartel taking a neighborhood and the police could surround it and have an acutal war, but that’s just bad planning on everyone’s part.

It’ll never be in my area

Uber is experimenting with delivering stuff door-to-door. Oddly enough, not available in Idaho. Like Google Fiber. And Amazon Grocery. I could go on, but I won’t.

The More You Know