Forward Momentum

Why the relative power of the aggressor doesn’t matter in the beginning (see Russia vs. US). Qui audet adipiscitur, yo.

I really don’t think we should get involved in a land war in Asia. If it comes down to actual people in combat, I’m pretty sure it’s NATO’s turn  to step up and by NATO I mean not the US and some token Western European troops, but Western European troops and some US support. It’s their backyard, after all.

Oh lookee here

Roku finally responds to the Chromecast.

This just in

“Green” energy is less efficient than normal energy. Otherwise we would have been using the green stuff.

Take the Green Building Council’s Washington headquarters. Replete with the group’s top green-energy accolade, the platinum LEED certification, the USGBC’s main base comes in at 236 EUI. The average EUI for uncertified buildings in the capital? Just 199.

Stupid Klaus

Them: Why are you laughing so much.
Me: It’s a German work safety forklift video.
Them: o_0

I think that’s a Don Knotts cameo in there, too.

I wanted to hate this

It takes so many things that should deserve contempt and makes them awesome. There’s a lesson in that somewhere.

Are we seriously considering getting involved in a land war in Asia?

For pete’s sake, what are we doing threatening the Ukraine? Like Russia would let us. If I were Yanukovych, I would announce a crackdown (with no intention of calling in the troops), just to watch the US scramble.

Has the State Department not realized that there is civil unrest around the world every spring and not come up with properly pious sounding, but meaningless, platitudes for all the non-democratic countries. You know, like, “We support every person’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and every nation’s sovereignty. Good luck.” Or perhaps “We rely on our good friends and allies in the EU to deal with this problem, since it’s on their doorstep and not ours.” Or, “Russia is right there, let’s not start WWIII today.”


Awesomely over the top. And unfortunately, we might not be the only ones going back to the moon.