The 10 Worst SciFi (book) series

It more like the list of the most disappointing followup novels, which I wouldn’t disagree with, but these almost all start out with groundbreaking or at least good books. Also, this person has no sense of period or proportion and gets upset at authors writing in the time they are in. I wonder what his (I assume sexistly) list of the best series of science fiction are.

I don’t deny that the series listed were written into the ground and should have stopped somewhere around 3 or 4 books, sometimes 1 was enough *cough*Dune*cough*. And Ender’s Game books should be on the list.  But Dune? Foundation? Lensman? How can you even talk about great science fiction without them?

Also, how do you compare Honor Harrington and Pern, which are entertaining fluff with Dune and Foundation?

2 responses to “The 10 Worst SciFi (book) series

  1. In fairness to Ian Sales, the writer of the list, he specifically lists Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert’s ill-advised ‘New Dune’ books of the last decade as the worst SF series of all time, and separates them from Frank Herbert’s original Dune series which he mentions as rating very highly.

  2. I’ll grant you that