Invisible Children

Matt is helping out Uganda’s night commuters.

On the one hand they are children stuck in abject poverty with practically no clean water, no latrines, depending on the NGOs for food, clothing and education and living in fear of being kidnapped or shot daily. It is horrific and no matter how bad we feel, we cannot relate. On the other hand, they’re just kids that need to hear that someone in the world cares about them and Jesus loves them, so help out if you can because it will make a difference.

at the IDP camp

Not to take away from Matt’s thing, but I would also recommend donating to Far Reaching Ministries.

0 responses to “Invisible Children

  1. Amen sister! And really, there are lots of great charities that need help and money, I think people just need to actually help regardless of what one they choose.

  2. Yeah, different groups have different goals so pick one you like and go for it.