Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I, too, enjoy watching two big rubbery monsters slugging it out over the 4th amendment.

NASA knows what’s up

We’re practicing deflecting asteroids. That’s very cool.

Every day we stray further from God’s light

Science has gone too far. I also freely admit I would love to be able to from another room tell the microwave to stop beeping, I’ll get my food when I’m ready.

Thanks Poles


Stuff I watched this week

372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back

This one’s a life-changer

The Cube Rule theory of food categorization.

Wh0 cArES, i HAve N0ThiNg tO hiDe

Yeah, this is why the government spying on you, contra the 4th amendment, is a big deal. Also, the 4th amendment, per se.