Happy Independence Day!

Nice looking open source books

Now you don’t have to pay Amazon and B&N  $1.99 for decent looking classics. Standard Ebooks is there for you.

You don’t say

People are starting to notice the rise of leftist extremism.  As an example, I follow this guy on tumblr  because he used to post cool video game stuff, but now it’s all about supporting antifa/communist violence. Tumblr is, of course, an echo-chamber of 2edgy4me teens, or in this case 20-somethings, but it’s still sad.

Because they made me lol twice in one day


There’s a Mister Roger’s Neighborhood marathon on twitch. It’s still in black and white and a little bit early-episode weirdness going on right now.

You know, launch a rocket, land a rocket, whatever

Elon Musk still might be a super-villian, but it’s totally worth it even if he takes over the world from his secret underwater volcanic lair.