The internet is the best thing in the world. Because stuff like this exists and is brought to me in my home.


Soon to be a major Netflix motion picture, I hope

The story of how the DEA was stymied by the Obama Justice and State departments when the DEA wanted to shut down the Hezbollah drug running and crime syndicate but Justice and State wanted to keep Iran happy.

They’re not at all defensive

This little dialogue about Netflix’s Christmas Prince tweet has a couple amusing moments. Which is all we can hope for from the internet, really. Lindsay in particular amuses me.


I don’t care if they’re just recycling Top Gear ideas.

Finally the lies are exposed

Carmelizing onions takes longer than 10 minutes.

Cooking times are always inaccurate!

Baking times tend to be reasonable.

RIP 4th Amendment

Apple wins much kudos for their stance on privacy. Google, on the other hand, is evil.

I say this as someone who is super-annoyed at Apple because if I upgrade my iphone from the 6s I can’t have a headphone jack which I really want and other things being equal would switch to android to keep my headphone jack. But I like unbreakable encryption a lot. Whatdo.

All while the government is unwilling to protect us from internet monopolies and price gouging. Which is one of the few things government should interfere with the market for.

Welcome, oppressors

A world without hate speech.

Advocates of hate speech bans should not be surprised to find that governments, when given the immense power to punish intolerance, have used this weapon against their critics. Investigative journalists, controversial politicians, political activists — these are the most frequent targets of hate speech laws. Even nongovernmental actors, such as Facebook, are inclined to use their hate speech policies to censor marginalized users.