Seccession and federalism

If the federal executive branch was less powerful maybe every election the losers wouldn’t have to draw comedy maps.

Election Mix Tape

Times are always desperate

In the 1970s I was lamenting the state of the nation over some crisis du jour when my father said, with irritation, “Quit worrying. Times are always desperate.”

I looked at him in consternation. He continued, “The First World War was terrible on a scale previously unimagined, and a few years later came the Great Depression (in which he grew up, being born in 1920). Then came World War II; the Korean War;  the Cold War;  the Vietnam War; recessions; race and anti-war riots; a president (Nixon) resigned; and runaway inflation.

“Stop worrying,” he said. “Times are always desperate, and there will always be problems. But we survive.”

It’s true.

He may underestimate Trump and Clinton

The most important election evar.

It certainly goes for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, neither of whom possess the requisite talent, vision, or charisma needed to destroy this country in a mere four years.

I do wish Americans, and the legislative branch, would remember that Congress has a ton of power should they choose to wield it. The executive branch has stolen their thunder. It shouldn’t be Obamacare, it should be [insert congressman/senator name]-care. Congress should have plans for the economy. Congress should have plans to deal with adversarial countries (they’re supposed to declare wars, remember?). Unfortunately, instead, Congress has plans for reelection and reelection funds based on corporate sponsorship. This has veered a bit off-topic.

Tie goes to the runner

Here we see the embryo of WWIII

Personally, I’d like to see Europe man up and deal with Putin themselves. They can’t, because they don’t spend enough on their militaries (some can’t, some won’t) and they don’t want their gas pipeline cut off,  so it’s hard for them to bluff, but it’d be nice if they tried.

In my scenario, America gets to play the hero that swoops in when all hope is lost, of course. Maybe a couple years into the war. After China makes some aggressive moves in the Pacific to distract our attention. It would do wonders for our manufacturing sector.