Happy Fourth of July!

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And my house is connected to a public road

This needs to be overturned.

“[H]acking is much more prevalent now than it was even nine years ago, and the rise of computer hacking via the Internet has changed the public’s reasonable expectations of privacy,” the judge wrote. “Now, it seems unreasonable to think that a computer connected to the Web is immune from invasion. Indeed, the opposite holds true: In today’s digital world, it appears to be a virtual certainty that computers accessing the Internet can—and eventually will—be hacked.”

The logic of “well, hacking happens therefore no expectation of privacy on your computer” is like saying “well burglaries happen therefore no expectation of privacy in your home”.  Also, does this mean the government can no longer prosecute hackers?

You want my business, Apple?

This is how you get my business Apple. It required end to end encryption by all apps in case you can’t be bothered to click the link. I feel you homes.

For when I need it later

You know that thing Windows 10 does where the Start Menu icon stops working and you can only right click on it? Here’s a tool that should fix it.  http://aka.ms/diag_settings [direct download] Hurray!

Found it here: http://www.windows10forums.com/threads/ms-setting-display-and-ms-personalization-background-problem.1247/

Personal song of the day


I have this, now that it’s a thing to have. Until I was an adult I assumed that “picture this” or “mind’s eye” was a euphemism because I didn’t realize that other people’s brains work differently. Apparently, most people, when you say a name, picture the person.  I can describe them because I know a list of facts about them, not because I’m describing a picture of them. How are you people not constantly distracted by your brains showing you things?

Don’t worry, the 4th amendment is fine, there’s judicial oversight

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the one that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed is allowing the government to obtain the metadata of every phone call to and from the United States, approved every surveillance request from US authorities in 2015.

I feel well protected by my civil rights. Oh wait, what’s the opposite of that?