Welcome, oppressors

A world without hate speech.

Advocates of hate speech bans should not be surprised to find that governments, when given the immense power to punish intolerance, have used this weapon against their critics. Investigative journalists, controversial politicians, political activists — these are the most frequent targets of hate speech laws. Even nongovernmental actors, such as Facebook, are inclined to use their hate speech policies to censor marginalized users.


Finally the grudge match we’ve been waiting for

Two giant robots slug it out in Japan. They’re streaming on Twitch October 17th.

From the shadows of pettiness

Numbers don’t lie

Or something like that. A shockingly reasonable look at gun control in the Washington Post. Turns out that, statistically, guns are just a tool.

Finally, maybe

The vice-president says we’re going to go back into space with humans, probably. It’s behind a paywall. Not that the bots haven’t been doing a great job, but we’ve been faffing around in orbit long enough. We only have five billion years until the sun goes red giant. We should make plans.

Like the Energizer bunny out there

FYI, Opportunity is still doing science on Mars.

Bonus: Timekeeping on Mars.

Blockchain is the new plastics

A very nice introduction to blockchain. Between this and the quantum computers, we’re looking at the future.