Not cool, IRS

I realize all the cool kids are doing the massive data grabs with ill-defined warrants, but that doesn’t make it right. If all the other federal agencies jumped off a bridge would you?

For instance, I have a coinbase account and have not knowingly evaded my taxes. You have no legal right to access my information.

And if I am accidentally evading taxes, I’m doing a terrible job at it cause that’s a boatload of money the government gets from me every year.


So close


RIP Leonard Cohen

As always, a little dark for my tastes.

Seccession and federalism

If the federal executive branch was less powerful maybe every election the losers wouldn’t have to draw comedy maps.

Election Mix Tape

Times are always desperate

In the 1970s I was lamenting the state of the nation over some crisis du jour when my father said, with irritation, “Quit worrying. Times are always desperate.”

I looked at him in consternation. He continued, “The First World War was terrible on a scale previously unimagined, and a few years later came the Great Depression (in which he grew up, being born in 1920). Then came World War II; the Korean War;  the Cold War;  the Vietnam War; recessions; race and anti-war riots; a president (Nixon) resigned; and runaway inflation.

“Stop worrying,” he said. “Times are always desperate, and there will always be problems. But we survive.”

It’s true.