It’s there when you don’t look at it

Microsoft unveiled a quantum computing language and the article is a good overview of the state of quantum computing in general.


What? – dog, probably

These people who work endlessly to master an instrument, watched by those that barely understand, are totally upstaged. Most of them probably can’t see the dog and don’t even know why the audience is laughing.

*Dog lays down*
*Wild applause*
First violin thinks, “I hate you all”.

I can barely see the sun at all

There’d probably be really cool auroras if it were possible to see the sky tonight since the Sun is spitting out solar flares and coronal mass ejections all over the place. Naturally, it is impossible to see anything cool in the sky over Idaho. Thanks, Canada, Montana, Oregon and Washington.


Happy Independence Day!

Nice looking open source books

Now you don’t have to pay Amazon and B&N  $1.99 for decent looking classics. Standard Ebooks is there for you.

You don’t say

People are starting to notice the rise of leftist extremism.  As an example, I follow this guy on tumblr  because he used to post cool video game stuff, but now it’s all about supporting antifa/communist violence. Tumblr is, of course, an echo-chamber of 2edgy4me teens, or in this case 20-somethings, but it’s still sad.