I’m a fan of the acoustic guitar sound in this song.

Do eet

Cards Against Humanity creator says he will buy ISP information about every congressman who voted for that stupid FCC repeal. Nice.

*I realize they just made it opt-out instead of opt-in, but it still sucks and is a blow to privacy.

Who knew?

The technology hasn’t arrived yet for solar roadways, despite a valiant attempt in Idaho. The idea probably has merit, but the hardware has to improve first and, now, when the hardware does become capable of such a thing everyone is going to point at this and not bother.

Oh you have a job now, good

I’d like to know how a trade protectionist plans to make things affordable for the 350-odd million Americans that won’t be able to afford as much when protectionist policies jack prices up.

Oh there it is

Why they made that ridiculous-seeming ban on laptops on airplanes. Not that I don’t suspect there are always credible plans they can pull out to justify any power-grab they want…

More information than you require

If the FCC’s ISP privacy rules were so cumbersome and burdensome they should have been simplified, not just repealed.

Related: I’ve had no issues with Private Internet Access VPN.

I’m not a huge fan of the space shuttle (only because I don’t think it’s ambitious enough, if it had been developed alongside Mars exploration I would have no issue with it) but this video has some amazing film and commentary that shows the feats of engineering the shuttle launches are.