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Stuff I watched

Robert Alter’s English Translation is out and these people are talking about it. The unironic use of “crepuscular plangency” is especially fun.

because classics.



I was wondering

Why there wasn’t a push to extend copyrights again.

Stuff I watched/listened

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, William Shatner.

Numberphile podcast



372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back, episode 26

Media for the week

The History of Clarus the Dogcow [article]

Like Trees Walking, episode 403 [podcast]

372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back, episode 25 [podcast]

This week’s media consumption

Rifftrax on Twitch

Tadashi Tokieda [article]

Renovare episode 145 [podcast]

yeet. I made it to 1:29

It’s interesting to watch Peterson argue so carefully. And by interesting I mean it’s unusual to see and refreshing because of that.

Media consumed and enjoyed, ironically and not ironically, this week

I may or may not have finished watching all these…

Like Trees Walking episodes 314 and 315.

372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back episode 24.