RIP 4th Amendment

Apple wins much kudos for their stance on privacy. Google, on the other hand, is evil.

I say this as someone who is super-annoyed at Apple because if I upgrade my iphone from the 6s I can’t have a headphone jack which I really want and other things being equal would switch to android to keep my headphone jack. But I like unbreakable encryption a lot. Whatdo.

All while the government is unwilling to protect us from internet monopolies and price gouging. Which is one of the few things government should interfere with the market for.


One response to “RIP 4th Amendment

  1. I upgraded to an iPhone 7 (from a 5S) somewhat reluctantly. The lack of a headphone jack hasn’t been as annoying as I thought it would be, at least in my setup. I just keep an adapter attached to the headphones I normally use. Most annoying bit is not being able to charge and listen at the same time (the splitters available don’t appear to actually work).

    I’m *not* looking forward to the eventual upgrade to Face ID. I like being able to unlock my phone while it’s sitting on my desk or lap, and not having to scan my face with it.