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Numbers don’t lie

Or something like that. A shockingly reasonable look at gun control in the Washington Post. Turns out that, statistically, guns are just a tool.


Finally, maybe

The vice-president says we’re going to go back into space with humans, probably. It’s behind a paywall. Not that the bots haven’t been doing a great job, but we’ve been faffing around in orbit long enough. We only have five billion years until the sun goes red giant. We should make plans.

Like the Energizer bunny out there

FYI, Opportunity is still doing science on Mars.

Bonus: Timekeeping on Mars.

Blockchain is the new plastics

A very nice introduction to blockchain. Between this and the quantum computers, we’re looking at the future.

It’s there when you don’t look at it

Microsoft unveiled a quantum computing language and the article is a good overview of the state of quantum computing in general.

What? – dog, probably

These people who work endlessly to master an instrument, watched by those that barely understand, are totally upstaged. Most of them probably can’t see the dog and don’t even know why the audience is laughing.

*Dog lays down*
*Wild applause*
First violin thinks, “I hate you all”.

I can barely see the sun at all

There’d probably be really cool auroras if it were possible to see the sky tonight since the Sun is spitting out solar flares and coronal mass ejections all over the place. Naturally, it is impossible to see anything cool in the sky over Idaho. Thanks, Canada, Montana, Oregon and Washington.