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Aw, little Pluto

It has cool 500m ice towers similar to ones that are formed on earth.

I know how

A whale dissection article is just an excuse to replay this video.

Oh snap

Wendy’s has a brilliant social media team. It’s not easy to tread the link between oh, snap and mean. FWIW, I think their food is meh. Frostys are fantastic though.


This will be interesting

Finland is doing a trial of basic income. Given that welfare is more expensive than just handing over money, it’ll be interesting to see how this works.

“Some people might stay on their couches, and some might go to work,” she says. “We don’t know yet.”

I suspect this is exactly what will happen. I was going to say it will set the minimum wage, but why would it, if it really is basic income, you’d get it no matter what. And maybe some people wouldn’t get off the couch unless they get more than the government is giving them, but picking up a part-time, minimum wage job would just be more money in their pocket so why not take that job.

Blind and toothless

How to do protests right. It’s the principle of the thing that matters. Tit for tat is seldom a good idea.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Now roses are, too.

Grammar nazi

Can we talk about this substitution of the word “and” for “to” that is endemic on the internet? Example: “I’m going to try and make this cake.”  No, you’re going to try to make this cake. I don’t know when it started. I do know that’s how we tend to say it, but that’s not how it’s written, people. Let’s clean this up some, okay? Thanks.