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Dawning self-awareness

Rahm Emmanuel tells fellow democrats to stop worrying about the moral victory and do what the Tea Party did because it works.

As he did last month at an event in Washington, D.C., the mayor expanded on what he believes is the road map back to power for his party — putting moderate candidates such as veterans, football players, sheriffs and business people up in Republican districts, picking battles with Republicans, exploiting wedges within the GOP and fighting attempts to redistrict Congress on partisan grounds.

Related: Scott Adams is upset with UC Berkeley.

See also: Fight the Right.  You want to teach self-defense, great. You want to teach one political party how to punch the other political party, bad.



How it ought to work

An excellent essay on liberalism.

Once again, minimal viable politics does not necessarily point to reducing laws to their minimum number, but rather the principle that what laws we have ought to be general, impersonal, and stable so that they are removed from the scope of political chicanery.


Americans confused, frightened by politician keeping his campaign promises

The executive branch overreach that’s been a problem for, like, 20 years has come home to roost as Trump uses it to do what he said  he would.

That’s not how any of this works

The White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, told reporters that the proceeds would be used to pay for the border wall, estimated to cost as much as $20 billion.

Surely all these college-educated politicians took Economics 101 and know that the price of the tariff will be borne in part by the consumers. Which is the opposite of “making Mexico pay for it”. It means Americans get to pay for the wall, and watch the price of all goods made in Mexico go up. Yay. Because I hate being able to afford things.

Also, I’m not convinced driving Mexican business out of business is going to help the illegal immigration pressures. And by not convinced, I mean, “Are you stupid? We should be supporting Mexican business so they can employ Mexicans.”


Useful information about Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s not really grabbing me yet. I’m going to buy it on the 21st, of course, but it looks like more of the same. Which isn’t bad.

What the world needs now

Is less government. If an election can change your life so much, maybe the government has too much control over your life.

Aw, little Pluto

It has cool 500m ice towers similar to ones that are formed on earth.