Top X songs of 2014

Because Time and Rolling Stones lists are crap. Alright, the Stones list wasn’t so bad, just backwards, mostly. Of course with 50 songs to choose from it’s like “the songs that were released in 2014”.

This was pretty hard because most of the songs I liked from the first half of the year are from albums released in 2013. I managed though.

  1. Greens And Blues – Pixies. Yeah, yeah, doesn’t sound like them. Still love it. 

  2. Tourniquet – Jeremy Messersmith

  3. Alone In My  Home – Jack White. Also on that album, Just One Drink.

  4. Brill Bruisers – The New Pornographers

  5. Trainwreck 1979 – Death From Above 1979

Honorable Mention

  1. We Are Done – Madden Brothers

  2. Back To The Shack – Weezer. Because Weezer. Maybe not all the way back, but hey.



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