Oh aye

PJ O’Rourke is looking forward to the Scottish independence for a variety of mildly amusing, colorful and colloquial reasons.

Ah, there’s nothing like a primitive, quarrel-torn, disastrous Third World country. And Scotland has everything it needs to be what old-school foreign correspondents fondly call a “****-hole.”

That is certainly the impression I get from the British TV and Craig Fergusons I watch. The Doctor is the only one that seems to like the area. Near as I can tell everyone else thinks it’s full of obese, welfare-dependent drunkards that’ll fry anything and then fight you for it.

I find the political wranglings of these tiny areas quaint and don’t know why they don’t just set up a state system like the US. They manage to have some economic clout with the 60 million on the island. Start chopping that up and it’s going to get ugly. It’s a numbers game, people, keep dividing that pie up and soon you’re only getting some crumbs and a glop of cherry filling and no one gets a nice slice of pie.


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