I can’t believe the Higgs Boson was already 5 years ago.

Unmade Podcast, episode 24.


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It’s easy to forget how new the technological revolution is. The inventor of the handheld calculator, Jerry Merryman, has died.

“It was late 1965 and Jack Kilby, my boss, presented the idea of a calculator. He called some people in his office. He says, we’d like to have some sort of computing device, perhaps to replace the slide ruler. It would be nice if it were as small as this little book that I have in my hand.”

Texas Instruments: the solution to so many problems.

No lie.

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It’s funny cause it’s true

372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back, episode 33.


A paper on why grapes explode in the microwave has been published. Rad.

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RIP Opportunity

I’m genuinely sad Opportunity is gone. RIP in peace, little rover that could.