A list on the internet is wrong!

The top 1o cartoons of all time, according to TV Guide. Who clearly never watch the TV.

First off, the Simpsons while brilliant back in the day, wins purely because of longevity. Of course if you’re on the air for 20 years you’ll have time to do all the funny. The Flintstones are not better than Looney Tunes in any way. The Peanuts, while having the greatest theme song, was not a particularly good cartoon.  Scooby Doo is barely tolerable, and certainly not top 5 material. Rocky & Bullwinkle is criminally low. Darkwing Duck is not on the list. Gargoyles is not on the list. Woody Woodpecker is on the list. Luckily they don’t rank most of them, because that would be a trainwreck, based on their top 10.


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