I should go

fc,550x550,navyFinished Mass Effect 2 last night. It went by quick. And despite the encouragingly named “Suicide Mission” only Legion and Miranda died. Well, the second time through. The first time through Garrus got swarmed because Samara was the weakest biotic justicar evar. That could not stand so the second time Jack came through for me, despite being the most annoying person in the galaxy. Yeah, no one cares about your troubled childhood except you, okay? Get over it. Buy a tshirt too, while you’re at it.

I was sad about Legion. He wasn’t there long, but I liked him. Miranda was zftncnothing but trouble though, creating a second line of command through Cerberus, good riddance. I mean, a noble sacrifice.

Onward to the DLCs and eventually, ME3.  Yay!calibratingfordummies


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