Yes, the future will be completely different from today. Why look at my nuclear kitchen and my robot slaves and my trips to the moon, and my rocketpack!


4 responses to “Right

  1. Don’t those people realize that you can’t use wind turbines?!?!?! They kill birdies!!!

    pfft … hippies with money.

  2. You and your darn rocketpacks! I don’t have one either and you don’t see me complaining!

  3. re: wind turbines; No! not the birds! Birds…cool the earth… birds…. cool the earth…. that’s a tough one.

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease, you know. I’d rather live on the moon or Mars or an interstellar spaceship, but a rocketpack seems like a step on the right direction.

  4. I think they should skip that step (as much as I would like it) and get right to getting me an interstellar spaceship.