A bit of a Obamacare roundup

A handy little flash thingy that shows how Obamacare will affect you.

VDH: Crossing the Rubicon

No, instead, the bill was about assuming a massive portion of the private sector, hiring tens of thousands of loyal, compliant new employees, staffing new departments with new technocrats, and feeling wonderful that we “are leveling the playing field” and have achieved another Civil Rights landmark law.

I, for one, am please to see the states asserting their rights on anything. They should try it more often.

Obamacare fact sheet. And it’s not so much facts as conjecture and projection, but that’s all anyone has right now.

The coming culture wars spinning off from this bill.  None of which would have to happen if the government could mind their own freaking business. It astounds me how well the Obama machine has used the recession to infiltrate government into business. It’s going to take us 20 years to repeal all this crap. On the other hand, the Democrat majority will end sooner than I thought it would because of this.

Bill Whittle brings the bad news.

Barack Obama is, to the liberal cause, a politician that comes not once in a decade, or once in a generation, or even once per century. Barack Obama is, to them, a once in history opportunity for progressives to control this country, and they will fall on a forest of swords to achieve those ends because this is the best chance they have ever had or ever will have to permanently shackle the people to the state. They know that this Health Care fiasco will cost them the House and now perhaps the Senate in November, but that new Congress will not seat until January and in the ten months between now and then they will, I predict, start an orgy of legislation that will make this Health Care circus look like a tea party.

And a bit of hope:

It is true that no nation has in the past ever recovered from the cycle of entitlement, moral decay and aristocratic rot that we find ourselves in. But it is also true that no nation — not one in history — was established precisely in opposition to these cancers. It is also true that never before have common people — otherwise known as the Host Organism — had the means to speak directly to one another, as we are here. It is true that if there is to be an historical exemption to the Cycle of Civilization it is only here that it will occur, and it is also true that the concepts of Free Will and Destiny are antithetical to one another. One of them is true and the other is not. It is my belief that you can chose to abandon Free Will and chose to believe in destiny and historical inevitability, or you can take the risk to believe instead that there is a new world populated by optimists and dreamers, but dreamers with rifles as well as quills and parchment… People who have never surrendered and for whom the very idea of defeat and despair is anathema.


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