I’ve been busy

So, I’ve been playing a lot of Portal 2 this week and haven’t had time to talk to you. Review after the jump…

First off, Portal 2—hereafter referred to as P2 because Portal 2 is too much typing—is great fun. The characters are hilarious. I LOLed many a time. There are quite a few quotable lines that will spread through the internet in the coming days. It is smoother, better looking and ever so slightly creepier.

There are twists about which all I will say is “Wheatley, NOOO000! *sigh*”. There’s some quality bonding time with GLaDOS, which is nice. My greatest complaints are there’s an awful lot of walking around for a game called “Portal” and at the end there isn’t enough time to adjust emotionally and you walk away thinking, eh. Having said that, Portal was a perfect game and there is no way P2 could have lived up to that. It didn’t, but that’s okay, because it’s still hugely fun.

Also, don’t play if you have vertigo issues. One thing P2 expanded hugely on was scale. I’m not particularly vertiginous and some of the jumps made my stomach lurch. While I was sitting in a chair. Looking at a computer screen.

TL;DR: P2 is Portal meets Half-Life with funny robots.


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