After weeks of waiting and voting, the NPR Top 100 Science Fiction and Fanstasy Books list is done. The list is an interesting mix of pop and literary styles.

I don’t have much to argue with, but quibbles are as follows:

While I enjoy A Song Of Fire And Ice as much as the next person, it would not be that high on the list if it weren’t coming off of massive publicity due to the show and recent book release. It’s good, but not that good.

I’m surprised Wheel of Time did as well as it did. I put it down after 100 pages in the first book, but while it obviously has its fans, most seem to think it’s gone on too long. Squeaky wheel effect, maybe.

I also can’t believe the Thomas Covenant, Self-Pitying Jerk Across The Multiverse, beat out the Vorkosigan saga, even if only by one place.

Cryptonomicon higher than Diamond Age? Please.


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  1. You need to post your top 100 (or so) favorites, Kristin.