My Fall Entertainment list

Doctor Who. The second half of series six is already underway. And the eleventh Doctor is the best. doctor. evar. Also, Rory and Amy and River are the best companions evar. Steven Moffat forever.

Downton Abbey. Starts September 18th. So looking forward to it. So much win. If you haven’t watched series one, you should and it’s available on Netflix and Amazon Instant and DVD of course.

Reamde by Neal Stephenson. I only like about 2/3 of his books and I’m due for one I don’t like, but I’m still excited about a new one. Here’s hoping it isn’t one of the ones I don’t like.

Castle. Although, if they don’t stop with the Angsty!Castle and bring back Fun!Castle, they’re going to lose me.

Top Gear. BBC. Of course.

Leverage. Although, they have removed all my legal means of watching them online, so they’ll probably lose me. I mean, it’s an enjoyable show but not so awesome that I’ll work for it.

Have I Got News For You. Even though some idiot is clamping down on the awesome YouTubers that made it possible for those of us outside Britian to watch it.

The Children of the Sky by Vernor Vinge. I’m still debating this one. It doesn’t release until October, so I have plenty of time to make up my mind.

The Muppets
, Tintin, John Carter (from Mars) and Immortals are all coming out this fall, but I will of course wait until available on Netflix to watch.

Sherlock series 2 has been moved to 2012 due, rumor says, to the the stars being busy filming The Hobbit. This makes me sad.


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