Thoughts on Downton Abbey s02e04 (minor spoilers):

Isobel: How dare you organize things in your house your way?
Cora: meh.
Isobel: Do it my way or I walk.
Cora: bye.
Isobel: No really, I mean it.
Cora: bye.
Isobel: I’m leaving then.
Cora: bye.

Why on earth does Thomas hang out so much with the servants? Shouldn’t he be soldiering or medicing?

Carson, Hughes and Lord Grantham are surprisingly tolerant of Anna and Bates’ relationship. All my reading of period literature is all about shutting those sorts of things down.

I love that no one will tell Robert what the huge scandal is. Isn’t Sybil the only other person that doesn’t know by now?

Also, have Bates and Anna not been paying attention to their lives so far? Why would they even think of hoping things would go well?


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