Please don’t touch them

It’s a list of fantasy books that “should” be made into TV shows, according to some guy on the internet.

Here’s the thing though, I don’t trust TV or movie makers to make good adaptations of stories I like. I grant you, they have gotten better at it in the last decade, but it’s still a chance I am unwilling to take with stories I enjoy.

If they touch The Kingkiller Chronicle, I can’t be held responsible for my actions. To take that lovely prose and turn it into anything else would be a sin. A mortal sin. The Belgariad would end up like the Sword Of Truth series, i.e., a goofy sword and sandals thing.  Riftwar would end up like that too. The Curse of Chalion might work, but those are more thinking than doing stories and I don’t think they could remain true to the books and make good TV with it. Sword of Shanarra, well, it would be the cheap knock off of LOTR that it is.


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