Luckily they stayed behind

Europe favors Obama, which makes sense because he is very like them in his beliefs.

Watching British TV it seems that Obama is a reflexive choice. Even the most “conservative” of UKers scoff at the thought of Romney and the moronic Republican party that want him elected. Gun-toting, obese, homophobic, hillbillies all (it’s like all they know about Republicans is what they read in the news).  There can’t possibly be a rational, principled reason for wanting more freedom from government. Romney is hardly a flaming libertarian, at best he is a right-of-center moderate, yet his is presented as the Bush-iest (gold standard of American political idiocy) of redneck choices trying to drag America back into the bad old days (of high employment and an economy not swirling the drain but also not sensitive enough about government intervention for the poor and the environment).

I have to wonder if any of talking heads actually understand what Romney represents, other than the caricature they have created for themselves. They either don’t understand or don’t want freedom. Are they just so used to being coddled and watched by the government that it doesn’t occur to them that there is another choice or do they look at the alternatives and say “yes, I want the government to regulate nearly every aspect of my life and to tax me accordingly”?


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