Warp drives may not be quite so impractical after all.

“I suddenly realized,” he told Dvorsky, “that if you made the thickness of the negative vacuum energy ring larger — like shifting from a belt shape to a donut shape — and oscillate the warp bubble, you can greatly reduce the energy required — perhaps making the idea plausible.” White believes that with his new design, warp drive could be achieved with the power of a mass that is even smaller than Voyager 1’s. I’m not going to pretend that I have the faintest clue how this would work or how NASA would conceivably build such a thing, but the idea that physicists at NASA are even toying with it gives me hope that interstellar travel could one day be possible, even if this isn’t how it is ultimately accomplished.

On the other hand….

Additionally, other scientists have raised concerns that warp drive could be potentially very dangerous, potentially destroying the destination in its path.

Minor details, I say.


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