A list on the internet, it must be wrong

The results of the Locus online write-in* 20th-21st century greatest writings in SF and Fantasy poll. Which is almost entirely wrong. I think the earlier 20th century works suffered a little from short memories, or more accurately perhaps, some later 20th century works won’t rank quite as high in another decade or two.

There is no way that A Game of Thrones is the second best Fantasy novel in the 20th century. It’s barely the second best in its own series. Dune is not the best SF novel of the 20th century. I can see it being in the top five, but not number one. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell was not that good, it should be down a few notches. I don’t know who Ted Chiang is, but apparently he writes a mean short form story.

*Having to write them in was surprisingly hard.


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