It’s all about who you know

And again, the essential point is missed.

“When Ruthie got sick, there were things that her family could not do — they couldn’t get the kids to school without help, they couldn’t get meals on the table without help, they couldn’t pay the bill without help. It really took a village to care for my sick sister. The idea that we are self-reliant is a core American myth.”

When news spread of Ruthie’s cancer, some friends planned an aid concert to raise money for her medical bills. Hundreds of people came together, raising $43,000 for their friend. “This is how it’s supposed to be,” someone told Dreher that night. “This is what folks are supposed to do for each other.”

Who took care of her and her family? The community around her.  I see this happen regularly on the internet and IRL. It’s the people around you that matter.


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