Here’s the anti-valentine song every list is missing

well, here, have a little playlist:


No really, I don’t know

We’re running headlong into deflation, aren’t we? I have no experience with it. I guess I shoud put my money under my mattress?

This is amazing

Stem cell therapy enables MS sufferers to walk again. Science!

I give and give and give

Americans are the world’s most charitable.

Hey look, good news

Senator Lamar Alexander has gotten a bill passed that keeps Washington D.C. out of local education.  It’s sad that it took a couple terrible laws and twenty years to get it passed. Ah, government.

“We wrote into the law language specifically prohibiting the secretary of education from telling any state it has to adopt any specific academic standards, including Common Core,” Alexander said in a telephone conversation. “The department of education can’t incentivize, order, coerce, anything.

Stuck in the middle

A liberal takes on the PC left.

As for why they’re doing it, it’s like electing Corbyn. They’re too young to remember how crazy all this stuff was back in the 80s. So it seems exciting and sexy and different, unlike the boring, tolerant liberal consensus that has worked so well for so long.

Agitators gonna agitate.

What could go wrong?

Turkey fighting Russia? It’s not like there’s mutual defense pacts that will drag Western Europe into a massive war. It’s like Putin is taking a page out of Alexander’s book. Russian expansionism never ends well. Well, at least historically. Maybe this time it’ll be different.